Studio Karakashyan founder Kosta Karakashyan is a passionate advocate of the physical, mental, and social benefits dance and creativity can bring into our lives. He is committed to teaching and sharing the practices of the studio with others interested in a career in the arts.

He draws upon a variety of movement practices to encourage students to connect with each other and their surroundings, cultivating empathy and community through motion. His teaching focuses on improvisation, ballroom, and contemporary technique, camera performance, composition, and creating and producing dance films.

Through his teaching, Kosta invites students to approach artmaking paying special attention to their own impulses, creativity, and agency. Artists under the guidance of the studio are challenged to approach their craft with thoughtfulness and authority. The Studio Karakashyan education initiatives aim to establish long-term connections and lasting support for each student.

Master Classes & Intensives

Moving Body Festival (Bulgaria)
ATOM Theatre Choreographic Series #4 (Bulgaria)
Rutherford Movement Exchange (Canada)
Danz Performing Arts Center (Costa Rica)
Orchesis: A Dance Group – Columbia University (New York)
CoLab Performing Arts Collective (New York)

Training Institutions

HLAB Summer School (Japan)
Columbia University Ballroom Dance Team (New York)
Dance PORT Derida (Bulgaria)
CampOUT – Single Step (Bulgaria)
VeroniQue Dance School (Bulgaria)
VS Dance Studio (Bulgaria)
Dance Academy Sofia (Bulgaria)

Open Classes & Other Events

Caviar Connects Online Workshops
GiĆ² Dance School (Italy)
Dance Academy Sofia (Bulgaria)
MS Color Magic (Norway/Germany)
EXE CLUB Sofia (Bulgaria)