Kick-up Hick-up Will You Won’t You (Join The Dance)

A morning stroll in Onagawa turns sour when unfamiliar surroundings and information overload suddenly turn hostile on you. When too much is going on, and the voice in your head turns out too demanding, all you can do is let go and dance.

Director: Kosta Karakashyan & Claire Kowalewski
Director of Photography: Claire Kowalewski
Dancer: Kosta Karakashyan
Editor: Kosta Karakashyan
Composer: Thomas Nielsen
Text: Hannah Story Brown
Production: Studio Karakashyan
Special Thanks: HLAB Japan
“Attitude-60 Seconds”- One Minute Video Exhibition, Beijing 2102 Art Center
Film Fest by Rogue Dancer: Saturated Edition, March 2020