KITCHEN is an interdisciplinary performance combining contemporary dance and theatre with an alternative culinary experience. This immersive experience recreates the heated dynamic and psychological pressure in the professional kitchen before the food is served. The audience is encouraged to immerse itself into the action and experience what goes on behind the scenes.

Directed by: Kosta Karakashyan & Antonia Georgieva
Choreography: Kosta Karakashyan
Dramaturgy: Antonia Georgieva
Dancers: Alexandra Talyokova, Alexander Tsekoff, Iskra Daskalova, Krastyo Metodiev, Yanitsa Stankeva
Composer & Sound Design: Georgi Atanassov
Set Design: Boris Daltchev
Culinary Expert: Alexander Tsekoff
Costume Design: Pola Popova
Photographers: Boris Urumov & Gabriela Ilieva
Graphic Design: Gjorgji Despodov
Supported by: National Culture Fund & HRC Culinary Academy