Studio Karakashyan is a creative production company working across film, dance, and immersive experiences, imprinting culture through the power of movement.

  • dance
    • Choreography
    • Movement Direction
    • Movement Coaching
    • Artist Development
    • Casting & Booking
  • film
    • Narrative
    • Commercials
    • Music Videos
    • Branded & Social Content
    • Movement Consultancy & Supervision
  • immersive
    • Immersive Performance
    • Bespoke Entertainment
    • Experiential Marketing
    • Installations & Site-Specific


Calvin Klein /

Bellissimo Clinic /
Love Yourself

Vellev /
Red Flag

Sigala & MNEK /

Bellissimo Clinic /
Women’s Day

Studio Zard /
The Creation of a Ring

artist developement

We believe that mentorship is the constant ebb and flow that moves the cultural needle forward.

With an aim to give back to our community and lead emerging talent with proven experience, our signature Artist Development Masterclass series empowers the next generation of artists to pursue their careers with gusto.


We are an international collective of artists from all disciplines focusing on creative production that both scratches the artistic urge and fulfills the business needs. We move comfortably between these two worlds, and the studio’s emphasis on concept-driven storytelling makes us your best partner for this dance.


Kosta Karakashyan
Managing Director / Producer

Phone: +359 887 95 01 77
Email: kosta@studiokarakashyan.com

Todor Barganov
Managing Partner / Producer

Phone: +49 179 7410419
Email: todor@studiokarakashyan.com


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