Studio Karakashyan is a multidisciplinary production company specializing in dance, film, and immersive experiences. Leaving a cultural imprint through the power of movement is what drives us forward.

We are a global collective of artists and visionaries transcending boundaries. Picture a symphony of creativity where every note is a dance move, and every movement tells a story. We are the choreographers of concept-driven storytelling, riding the roller-coaster of each project to deliver not just a production but an experience that lingers.

When you choose us, you’re not just choosing a production company. You’re choosing a partner that makes you feel part of something extraordinary. Join us in the dance of creativity.

Founded in 2018 by director and choreographer Kosta Karakashyan and producer Todor Barganov, the studio dances through disciplines, painting with a rich palette of possibilities to produce compelling and unexpected visual storytelling. 

We believe that mentorship is the constant ebb and flow that moves the cultural needle forward. With an aim to give back to our community and lead emerging talent with proven experience, our signature Artist Development Masterclass series empowers the next generation of artists to pursue their careers with gusto.

Our commissions include works for music videos, stage performances, nontraditional sites, public spaces, immersive theater, dance, film, fashion, and branded content. Our clients and partners include H&M, Calvin Klein, ELLE, Fashion Days, Cinelibri Festival, Bellissimo Clinic, The Gabrovo Biennial of Humor and Satire, Goethe-Institut, Greenpeace – Bulgaria, HRC Culinary Academy, Single Step Foundation, Sigala, MNEK, Columbia Ballet Collaborative, and Ballet Arabesque. Our work has been featured by The Guardian, ELLE, them, GLAAD, and Radio Free Europe.